A consultant can act as an educator, a catalyst for change, a useful resource or a facilitator.

Dan Easton, 36 year old technology consultant is based locally in Tunbridge Wells – Able to give your business the creative edge IT needs.

Dan can save your business time by automating and optmising computer software / hardware and online systems.

“remember that time is money“- Benjamin Franklin

All procedures and processes remain within your company secured under a non-disclosure agreement or non-compete agreement.



Technology Consultant

IT | Web | Video

Based in Tunbridge Wells and willing to travel to London and Brighton, Dan Easton can help your business with his knowledge and experience as a computer network engineer, web design / developer / SEO and video production. 

Supporting businesses, typically up to 100 employees including construction, aviation, financial services, insurance services, maritime, retail and restaurants, property services, nightclubs as well as online eCommerce businesses.



IT Consultant & Engineer

9/16+ years experience


Experience working with many industry leading online cloud and offline CRM, CMS, and bespoke business software across multiple industries.

Dan works as an independent technology adviser and project manager to small and medium sized businesses.

Dan started his IT journey in 2004 training in Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching (CCNA) and A-Level ICT. 

For the last 6 years, Dan has managed to get many businesses online successfully and in to the Cloud – minimising maintenance and maximising productivity.

Website Design & Development

20+ years experience

As director of a local WordPress web design / development / SEO company, Dan has a wide experience can is your local consultant for IT, web and video.

Dan can improving the internal systems of your SME automating tasks and processes and improve traffic and conversion of websites with functional usability and search engine optimisation.

In recent years Dan has worked closely with some of the leading companies in their field, measurably increasing website engagement by using video, high quality content and functional UI design with clear call-to-actions.

Commercial Drone Pilot

5+ years experience (qualified in 2015)

Part-time (weather dependant) flying professional grade drones for the car industry (Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan / Infinity) and TV shows aired on British and European Television (Channel 5 and Netflix). Commercially piloting:

  • DJI Inspire 2 – Professional jobs with full budget (5.2K)
  • DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Smaller jobs with reasonable budget (4K UHD)
  • DJI Mavic Mini – Micro jobs and indoor lower budget (2.7K)

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Photographer & Video Maker

4+ years experience

Creating engaging content for your business with professional photography, filming and production. From a single photoshoot to corporate promo video series, Dan can start increasing engagement with your customers and help you become a key person of influence in your field.

Benefits for SME’s

Benefits for SME’s

Outsourcing Web & Media Vs.  In-House Web & Media

Controlled & Reduced Cost
Broader expertise
No employment contract, payroll or benefits
Control of IT costs
Board experience and expertise
Not restricted to employees job role
Allows you to focus on your core business

Pricing & Availability

Pricing & Availability

Ad-Hoc Support Pricing

1/2 Day Rate£240
Day Rate£480
ExpensesNo callout charge, travel rate £30 per hour

Partner Packages

1 day per week£12,500 per annum
2 days per week£25,000 per annum
3 days per week£32,500 per annum
Yearly ContractSubject to 12 month contract

SME Support Package 1

1/2 Day Rate£200
Day Rate£400
Yearly ContractMinimum £1,000
20 hours included
Rate After Contractual Minimum£50 per hour

SME Support Package 2

1/2 Day Rate£180
Day Rate£360
Yearly ContractMinimum £2,000
50 hours included
Rate After Contractual Minimum£40 per hour

Prices quotes exclude travel from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Travel nationally is typically charged at half the hourly rate. Expenses are charged where necessary and as agreed with the client on a project by project basis.

Is Dan right for your company?

In the last financial year how much did your company budget for:

Website Development

Corporate Filming / Production

Professional Photography

Tech Consulting

IT Support

Work out how much you can save by hiring an experienced consultant.

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Contact Dan

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01892 300 343


Prospect Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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